Monday, March 11, 2013

Randomness in Photos

Every once in a while I like to go through my massive amount of photos I have saved that I have never done anything with. I figured since this blog is new why not make a massive post of photos that you guys haven't seen yet. Majority of these photos were taken with my Canon Rebel XT until I upgraded to Canon Rebel T3 and a small amount from my iPhone. Enjoy!

A couple of randoms

Super creepy mask in a jar


New Castle by the fire


Sunflower gleaming in the sunlight

Boulder City Antiquing 

Preston playing his Scout Taylor Compton

 My Fish Eye Lens 

One of Preston's many monster masks 

California Bound

After driving to Cali a million times, finally stopped to take pictures of this sign. 

Dead teddy in the middle of the desert 

 Writings in bar bathrooms are always entertaining

Downtown Fremont Street Fun

My one and only full moon capture

Monster babies a friend made for Preston

Desert Sunset 

Playing with sparklers 

Shotguns at the dry lake bed (that wasn't supposed to be dry) Navajo, Utah

Walked straight through the dry lake bed. Got stuck in mud half way through and Preston had to get me out. It was pretty funny. 

On our way to the hot springs (that ended up being just a 5x5 concrete bath tub)

and.... drunk


  1. So how do you pronounce zzyzx???

    1. Who fucking knows. That's why I've always loved this sign. In my head it sounds something like zizzix. haha


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