Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thinking About Links

I am sure you see a lot of blogs that routinely make Links posts. I personally love blogs that do this. I first saw this on my blog and instagram friend Nova's Blog. You should all go check out her blog. It is definitely one of my long time favorites. She posts massive links posts, her bus ride adventures and many more interesting topics and random photos. And my all time favorite, pictures of her insanely adorable English Bulldog Tank.

Words can't describe how cute he is.
(Waiting for your next blog post Tank!)
She is also in a blog exchange contest so you should go vote for her Here. Nova you're awesome but enough about you and back to the point of this post. :)

I really think it would be cool if I also started my series of Links post. I've been hesitant about it because I didn't think anyone was reading my blog except for Preston, to whom I know reads this on a regular basis (Hi Baybay) nor did I think I had any followers. So why would I waste all that time lurking the internet for articles and such if no one was reading them.

To my surprise since I have started this blog a week in a half a go I have 105 total page views and I continue to get page views on the daily. Also a couple of people have told me they are following me and Nova has commented on a couple of my posts so I am guessing she is following me, but my follower count is still at a lovely number of ZERO. I also don't see a Google Friend Connect that I see on most other blogs nor do I know how to put one on there. So I guess my follower count will forever remain a mystery. That said,  I will start making Links posts and hope to make it a regular thing on this blog.

Stay tuned...


  1. Do it, do it, do it! (I'm chanting if you can't tell).

    I follow you with bloglovin' and I've heard that if someone reads your blog in Google Reader it doesn't show up on GFC. I know, it's so hard to tell where people are coming from. I use Statcounter just so I have an accurate idea of who is out there.

    Thanks for the 800 endorsements! :) Made my day.

    1. You're very welcome!! I've got a draft going. Will be posting soon. As for the followers, it's whatevs.. :)


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