Thursday, March 21, 2013

Appreciation: The Small, The Big and Everything In Between

This year hasn't been the best for us. We are still in the house hunting process which started back in August. Its a never ending shitty cycle of submitting offers and getting denied because of cash buyers. January hit 6 months until our wedding. We went through a big rough move in February. Our lives haven't been exactly how we would have wanted it and we haven't been the happiest couple because of all these changes. Things were a bit awry for a while. 

Now Spring has officially sprung and things are starting to look up again. The wedding planning is well on it's way. I've been meaning to make a wedding post. That will come soon. 

This blog has helped me a lot. Being able to write about things whether they are important things or not has been keeping me in good spirits. Preston and I are reconnecting more and more every day. So that being said, I wanted to make an appreciation post about everything little to big that I have appreciated lately. 

- The weather turning nice earlier than usual
- Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes on our patio with Preston having small talk. 
- On my commute to work I get a whiff of pine trees in the same spot. 
- When day turns into twilight. The sky is the color of clear deep ocean. 
- Desert sunsets
- Our neighborhood bar and walking to and from. 
- When Preston calls me Darlin.
- Cooking dinner again. 
- Taking pictures
- Having a job that somewhat allows me to blog, tumble and print my wedding invites. 
- Preston, Preston, Preston
- Cuddles
- Birds chirping in the morning.
- My birthday is this Saturday and we get to beach it up and camp!
- Getting comments on my blog posts. Thanks 
- The rain we got a few weeks back. It's very seldom here in the desert. 
- Netflix. Before we moved we had no internet or cable so this has been a blessing. 
- Thanks to the IRS for giving me back a little more money than I was expecting. Tattoo Shop I will see you soon. 
- My mom for helping out with house hunting and paying for some of our wedding. 
- My group of girls that are trying their hardest to make this wedding planning as easy as possible for me cuz this just aint my thang. 
- Matching bracelets I got for Preston and I. 
- Letting go of things 
- Getting hugs from behind while in the kitchen. 
- Getting away from the dark cloud. 
- Being able to walk around in my underwear. 
- Getting back to reading on a regular basis. 
- This blog. 

What are you guys appreciating these days??


  1. Desert sunsets are the best. I think I need to move...Michigan weather is killing me.

    I'm totally with you on using tax money for new tattoos. I'm planning to do the same. :)

  2. Anytime I see Michigan in movies and stuff I just feel so bad for everyone that lives there. It looks so dreary and depressing.

    Are you originally from the desert? If so, where?


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