Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Closer to 30

I am turning 26 this coming Saturday.  Now shower me with presents and love please. :) . I have always been one that is obsessed with my birthday. That girl whose birthday lasts a week and everyone must oblige to that! But that all ended last year. When I turned 25 I had a minor quarter life crisis. I was freaking out. I realized that I have been alive for a quarter of a century. I know that sounds really ridiculous but until then I always still felt like a kid. I was always the baby in my group. I was battling the fact that I had nothing to show for those last 25 years. I was feeling like a failure. Life had caught up to me real quick. I had never had these thoughts before. I really didn't want to be 25. Staying at the age of 24 would have been suffice. And now i find myself at the age of 26. I am officially closer to 30.. Waaahhhhh....But life must go on and we all age right? Let me present to you a little timeline of my life.




Not much has changed huh? I still feel I look the same now as I did when I was in my teen years. It's that Asian blood in me, keeping my look pristine!!

Anyway, I have had a themed birthday party for the last 4 years. They have all been a major success and extremely fun. But this year I decided not too. So I decided instead of throwing a huge party I want to step away from the chaos in my life. Preston and I decided to take a short trip to Santa Monica. The plan is that Saturday we will leave around midnight and arrive at the beach just before sunrise. On the beach watching the sunrise with my favorite person, best friend and fiancee.  Romantic right??  Hopefully our plans work out and we play on the pier all day and maybe find a place to camp for the night then head home Monday. I'll let you know how it goes!! I am really excited to get away with Preston. Our lives have been really hectic and this will be a nice way to reconnect. 

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