Monday, March 18, 2013

Documenting Downtown Las Vegas - Part 3

This is the last set of my downtown documentation. I hope I was able to give you guys a little gist of what Downtown Las Vegas is like.

Beware of the street performers these days. They hustle like there is no tomorrow. Some have pimps for lack of a better word. If you try to take a picture and you don't tip you will get yelled at. My little secret. When you see another tourist paying them and getting their picture, that's when you hurry up and snap yours. I mean it might sound bad, I know these people are just trying to get by in life but if I were to give every one of them money just to get a picture I would be broke. So sometimes you have to improvise. Vegas is the city for tipping, this I know and people should when eating out or something of that sort. But really, their costumes are getting worse and their attitudes don't help. Waitresses don't harp on you if they don't get tipped and neither should these street performers. If you get lucky some will let you pay with a cigarette or two!

Enough babbling, here are the last set of photos!

Bumble Bee and the Angry Birds
Is this not the realest Chewbacca ever seen?
Bumble Bee is my favorite Transformer 
This is the only ABC Store Vegas has if i'm not mistaken. But if you ever venture to Waikiki, Hawaii, you will see them on every corner. 
My favorite bar/lounge. I love the setting of this place. 
This is a new addition to Fremont. 
If you ever come to Vegas, I highly suggest doing the Zipline. It's $20/ person. The funnest 3 seconds of your life. They are trying to get permits to extend it to go all the way down the experience. Right now it only goes a quarter of the way. 
Porn Everywhere 
We found a new friend. 

Taken from the back alley. It's eerie when they're no people and no shows going on. 
That's All Folks. 

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