Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me / Links

That's right, it's my birthday. Whoop Whoop

Thanks Marlboro! Love them. 
Now to what's important. Let's check out what's poppin around the internet recently.

A bet between two soldiers. 

I know I have thought about what I would do if I was a man for a day. What about you? check the responses

Penis snatching becomes an epidemic in Africa Da Fuq

Children around the world with their prized possessions

Why you must never fake an orgasm. 

Nine Reasons Why (Some) Japanese Women Find Geeks Appealing  A little stereotypical if you ask me.

Super Realistic David Bowie Doll

Vintage Photos of Weather I just love the look of any old photo.

Photographing Dark Scenes

Sexual Energy is Creative Energy

Picking up the pieces. Perfect couples don't have perfect lives Hey none of us live in movies, let's stop pretending.

Bubonic Plague Victims Buried in Central London - Preston and I are being Plague Doctors for Halloween this year.

20 Things That Made You Feel Like A Total B.A.M.F. In Elementary School I related to a few of these!

Why hating your shitty job only makes it worse I could take a few tips from this.

Funny Daily Dishonesty Prints

Five tips for capturing emotion in photos

Stunning Photography

Jack Potter Reads 75 Years of Diaries to Wife With Dementia This is so touching.

Thank you: Sarah VonCaitlinSarah RooftopsCourtneyJezebelNovaEv'Yan

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