Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day To Myself

Happy Hump Day

Unfortunately we did not get to make it to Santa Monica for my birthday this past weekend. Plans fell through. Hopefully we can plan to go again in the near future. 

I did take a day to myself on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and even though my mood was down, I wanted to take advantage of the weather and have some Roxanne time. I usually am not one to do things alone. I don't enjoy my own company like I should. Something I am working on. I did have a nice day to myself though. I had lunch at Panera Bread on the patio, soaking in the sun. It was delish. I really love their sandwiches and their Acai Berry Tea. I don't so much like how pricey it is though, but I wanted to treat myself. After lunch I walked to American Apparel to spend my gift card. I ended up buying 3 track shirts, a tube top bra thingy, track shorts and a sweater, these two items being my favorite. American Apparel clothing is just so damn comfy. 

I am almost done with reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" so I went to the book store to find some new reads. As soon as I walked in I saw "Lords of Salem" by Rob Zombie. I have been dying for this movie to come out and I didn't even know that there was a book. I had to have it. A friend recommended "Divergent". I always read the first chapter of a book before buying to make sure I will be somewhat interested in it. From what I got it kind of reminds me of the Hunger Games. I'll give it a chance. Then I came across "Churchill's Secret Agent". A true story of a Secret Agent working for Winston Churchill to be trained as a spy behind enemy lines during WW2. I love reading anything that has to do with the Holocaust and WW2 so this should be a good read. All three books are completely different genres. I like to mix it up or else I get bored. 

So all in all, I had a pretty good day treating myself. 

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