Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Hey guys, check out my Instagram. I post cool shit sometimes. 

Advertising Being Cool With Same Sex Marriage It's about time people!

Vintage Sex Dolls To each his own i guess. haha

Scary Snowmen

Words of Wisdom by Mr. Rogers I read somewhere that Mr. Rogers was a Marine sharpshooter who supposedly had 150+/- kills under his belt in the Vietnam war and that he bared tattoos on his arms and that's why he was always in long sleeve sweaters on his show. I thought this was a pretty cool fact until I checked snopes and its a hoax.  Lame...

16 Things I Didn't Know Until Embarrassing Late in Life - I thought Egypt was in the Middle East. Learned that it is actually in Africa when I was 22. I still don't think it belongs in Africa but whatevs.

Boys will be Boys - A report from both sides of the male gaze.

Teen Girls Charged with Menacing the Steubenville Rape Victim on Social Media Good to see that cyber bullying is finally being taken seriously.

First Shot of a Wave Over Lava

LIFE in WWII: Photos From the North African Campaign, 1943

Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

How cool is this playground?

Smoking Kids I love the classiness of the photos.

The Iceberg of You This is so on point.

Iraq's War 10th Anniversary in Photos

CVS Punishes Fat Employees This really shocked me. I had no idea that this could even happen.

What the Parenting Books Don't Tell You This hit home hard for me. Now I do not have a kid of my own but I am a part time mom to Preston's 5 year old and lately I have been feeling a lot like this. I'm trying everyday to be a better Mom. That shit aint easy. So if people feel this way about their biological kids, it makes me feel a little less shitty about myself that I have some of these same thoughts.

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