Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Trifecta of Deliciousness

Ever since I watched the scene in Pineapple Express about the cross joint and how he explains it as the smoke converges creating a trifecta, I have been obsessed with the word. It's like the coolest fucking word ever. Say it in your head with meaning. Waiting...  Now tell me you don't agree with me. Super rad word right.. I try to use it as much as possible cuz I'm a dork like that and get hooked on certain words.. ha ok maybe I'm the weirdo, I don't know but watch the clip it's hilarious.

Now let's talk about what a perfect Trifecta could be. 
A Trifecta of deliciousness. 

The three just go hand in hand. Breakfast of champions? I don't know if I would take it that far but it really is a perfect mix to get me started in the morning. Usually I do not like to take bites of food and take a drink of something when I am still chewing. It leaves your food soggy in your mouth and changes the taste of it but that's just not the case with coffee and donuts. I love taking a bite out of my chocolate bar and taking a big swig of my coffee. Talk about mouth orgasm. It's soo good. Then to complete the Trifecta, after eating my donut and drinking my coffee I inhale the best cigarette of the morning.   Do you guys have any weird Trifecta type things you would like to share?

Why does blogger not recognize Trifecta as a word?


  1. Walking on a peaceful morning, listening to This American Life podcasts and looking around for photos to take, holding my camera.

  2. That sounds perfect, especially because I know the beautiful terrain you get to walk in.


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