Saturday, March 16, 2013


Alright folks. Here goes nothin. I am pleased to present to you my debut series of Links.

Basic Camera, Brilliant Pictures: Location, Location, Location She's got all kinds of photography 101 type posts. Take a look.

Really love this quote

Thrifting 101 -  Preston is a manager at a thrift store. I personally don't love thrifting like most but I do find some gems every once in a while.

Inside the abandoned radioactive towns of Japan

Love Elephants? Definitely on my bucket list!! Can't wait to get my Elephant tattoo that will be similar to this

Deodorant its not just for armpits anymore Who would of thought...

I'm not the only one who hates grammar nazis.  I admit, I don't have the best grammar but you can layoff on calling me out on it.

Ever wanted to send a care package to a Soldier? Sarah Von tells you how.

Artist/director Brian M. Viveros is internationally embraced for his dark & evocative paintings of seductive doe-eyed beauties.   I would love to own some of his pieces.

Witch, Witch, You're A Witch.. If you're interested in paganism, this is a good interview.

Think of this, next time you have that blonde moment.

Women Workers of WWII

Learn How to Float - The comments are pretty funny

Get Out of My Gay Bar, Straight Girl - My best friend is gay so I guess I'm good eh.

Funny, I just wrote a post about how I hate my name. Check out her story.

People shouldn't be ashamed to talk about sex I really loved this and wish people would be more open

Really loving this blog Sex, Love, Liberation

Credit for these goes to.. Sarah RooftopsVictoriaDarbieVicexoJaneSarah VonBrian ViverosGalaNovaRookieCourtneyEv'Yan

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