Thursday, March 14, 2013

Documenting Downtown Las Vegas - Part 2

Hope you guys enjoyed Part 1. Here lies Part 2. 

Vegas has so many places I want to explore. I want to find the hidden gems of my city that you don't here much about. How do you go about finding these places? I'll keep thinking on that one.. Until then, have some more awesome documentation! 

The Golden Nugget keeps their mirrors squeaky clean
If you are over 350 lbs you eat here for FREE (Coronary Dog looks like shit.. literally)
Love the Pulp Fiction rip off

One of the bars I love. 
This used to be an old medical center that they turned into a place for local artists to sell their art. I love that they kept the Medical Center sign up. 
Who doesn't love a huge red door?
This bum was so excited for me to take pictures of his tattoos. 
Strolling through alley ways
Sweet bathroom
New fancy casino. Isn't Vintage supposed to represent something old. But yet they called this brand new fancy place vintage. Umm whaaatt?? 
I wonder what this place will turn into. 
Witnessed a video in the making. Just before the camera man put the camera right in my face while walking by. I wonder if I'll be in it. Probably not. Damn

Part 3 coming soon! 


  1. I read in the newspaper that someone died from eating at that heart attack grill all the time. Of a heart attack. So watch out!!

    1. Yup that is a fact and that's when they put up the sign that if you are over 350 lbs you eat free.

  2. Really loving these downtown Vegas picks. My friend lives in Henderson and last time I visited we spent basically all of our time in downtown and Fremont street. Way more my style than the other places I've visited in Vegas. Also, got some of the best Thai food ever while I was there. (Can't remember the name of the place though.)

    1. Oh hey, Someone else is checking out my blog. Welcome!!! I'm glad you're loving these!! Downtown is amazing. Thai isn't really my thing though. :)


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