Monday, March 4, 2013

Swap Meet Adventure

Preston and I went on a swap meet adventure yesterday. We moved to North Las Vegas and the swap meet just so happens to be right across the street. This is our only outdoor swap meet in town. It is ridiculously huge. You can pretty much find anything there. It is one ginormous garage sale. You can find anything from used tv remotes, to furniture, to clothes, tools, car parts, etc.

One thing we were trying to look for was an old dial phone so Preston can take the mic out of it and use it to make a beer can mic. We thought for sure that we would find one. I mean everything you can think of gets sold here but we did not find one chord phone. Not even one. Can you believe that? But boy did they have a shit ton of phone chargers, cordless phones and cell phones. We were rather shocked by this.

The food that they sell there is rather ethnic. I kept asking Preston, what is that? and what is that? wow doesn't that look good? Preston has talked about the Mexican corn carts that go around neighborhoods and sell their delicious corn that is supposed to be served with mayo, cheese, butter and chili pepper. I had never had one before and thought this would be a good chance to try it. So I finally saw a couple of people eating them at the swap meet. Now I have always been against eating corn on the cob because i have a built in retainer and can't handle it when food gets stuck in it, but I was willing to make an exception to try this corn that everyone talks about. After a couple hours of walking I was getting hungry and was destined to find where the corn was being sold. We finally found it (right at the entrance) how we missed it, I'm not sure. Anyway we were at the counter and I realized they were selling the corn not only on the stick but also already cut up and put in a cup. How perfect for me right? So I got mine in a cup and Preston got his on a stick. They put everything in the cup that they do on a stick. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  Ok enough rambling, here are some pictures from our day!

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