Monday, March 4, 2013

Take 2

I have been contemplating starting a blog again. I had one about a year ago but deleted it. I can't even remember why. Then I started a tumblr which I still have. I just feel it's not exactly for me. Seeing awesome pictures on my dash and reblogging them is fun but it only does so much for me. I have a "my photography" page on there that I do update pretty frequently, but I for some reason am very picky about what I put on there. If it's not an amazing picture I will not post it. So this brings me back to wanting another personal blog where I only post my pictures that I have taken and maybe a text post now and again about what's going on in my pretty boring life. I am hoping that this blog will also motivate me to take pictures on a more daily basis. I have been slacking pretty bad in this department.

So here goes Take 2 on the life of me. Hope you enjoy the random pictures and whatever else ends up on this blog! For my first picture, have my  face!!


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