Monday, April 8, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend Indeed

I had a fantastic weekend. I haven't been able to say that in a long time. It was the first weekend since the move that went perfect. We simply enjoyed each other's company with no fighting, bickering, nothing. It was bliss!! This PMA is actually working and it feels so good.

We usually hang out at the apartment on Friday nights because we have Lulu. Preston bought her some musical instruments to play. Preston is always jammin on his guitar or drum set and she loves to be a part of it. She got two tambourines, some maracas, a train whistle and this wooden fish thing. She loved all of it.

Preston finally got me on the drum set. He always tries to get me involved with his music. I always decline because I have no musical talent and I have never played an instrument before. It's embarrassing for me and the competitive side of me hates it when I can't be super good at something. It took him literally forcing me on the chair. We had watched a drum teaching video and started teaching me the 1+2+3+4. After a while I finally started to get it. Getting the kick drum, snare and high hat together was hard, specially since we don't have a high hat so I am using the rim of the snare instead.  I mean it's the simplest drum beat ever but I learned it. I actually was playing an instrument the right way. It felt so good once I had it down. Now I still play at a very slow pace. I didn't think that I was playing that slow until he started playing his guitar to my beat and realized that it was super fucking slow. Even when I was playing as fast as I could without getting off beat, it was still way slower than it needs to be, but hey I just learned. It was way funner then I ever thought it would be. I'd like to keep trying and maybe learn some more as long as Preston has the patience to teach me and play slow with me.

On Saturday the three of us went to the Wetlands Nature Park. It's like a natural spring preserve that we have here in Vegas. I took a bunch of pictures. I'll make a post about it later. We had a good time. The weather was cloudy, hot and humid. We did a lot of walking and Lulu had a blast running around.

After dropping Lulu off to her other parents we went home and relaxed a little. We had a short jam sesh and then Preston dyed my hair. A while back I had bleached the under half of my hair and dyed it teal. Since then the under half has been really damaged. The first time I dyed it red a month ago, I didn't notice any more serious damage. Well this time after I got out of the shower, chunks of my hair was coming out. I don't know what caused this to happen this time and why it didn't happen the last time. Thankfully, it's all under my healthy hair so it's not that noticeable. I'm debating if I should just cut the under half off or just let it keep breaking off. But I am in love with my red hair and don't want to have to stop dying it.

Anyways after that, we had another jam sesh. I'm really enjoying being able to play music with Preston. It's something that I can relate to him now. I think he enjoys it just as much. We were supposed to drive out to Rhyolite, NV which is an abandoned town about an hour in a half out of Vegas. But after our long day of walking and jammin out, Preston was pretty exhausted. Weirdly I was full of energy and it's usually the other way around. I didn't want to go on our little adventure unless we were both up for it and had the energy to be out all night, so we decided to save it for another weekend and veg out on Mexican food and netflix. I was totally ok with that, as it was starting to get late and I was slowly growing more and more tired.

On Sunday Preston took his usual trip to the swap meet. I decided I was going to have a super lazy day. While he was gone I watched more of this show that I am loving at the moment called "The Killing". Preston got back and with him he had a cup of Mexican corn for me. Then we relaxed together for a little bit before another jam sesh took place.

Preston had band practice scheduled for the night so that's what he did , while I continued to watch my show and have a ridiculous solo munchy sesh. Talk about being a lazy fat ass. I ate all of it except for a half a bag of the corn nuts. Ya my belly wasn't feeling so good this morning.

What did you guys do over the weekend? Anything interesting you want to share, or uninteresting?!?!


  1. Drums, candy, pretty girl with high socks, this blog post has everything!!

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