Saturday, April 6, 2013

Links For You

Hey Yo, it's the weekend!! Have some Linkage. 

The Dwarves of Auschwitz

Do You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice I know I do. I sound like dude.

Want, Need, Get, Forget I'm queen of jumping on things before thinking them out. Not a good habit.

Gala and Nubby Dancing in Paris This is just the cutest thing.

Year of the Witch Coincidence that I am currently reading Lords of Salem??

Inside the Gowanus Batcave I just love abandoned places, specially when they are supposed to be haunted. I like to freak myself out. It's just too fun.

Top 10 Girl Code Rules I agree with all of these.

Awesome Thrift Finds

Q&A with animal photographer Sharon Montrose I fell in love with this. I would die to have her job and she seems like a person I would like in real life.

Self Love/Self Hate

French Bulldog with Cleft Palate  Perfectly Imperfect.. Too Cute

20 of the Most Drugged-Out Rock Stars

Victoria's Street Photography in Tijuana When I used to compete in ice skating, we had a competition in San Diego every year and we would always visit Tijuana. This was a nice little flash back.

A guy tattooed porn sites on his face so his kids wouldn't starve

Thank You: NovaJezebelGalaCourtneyEv'YanVictoria and Vice

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